Donate to your local group or meeting

“In accordance with our 7th tradition, we are self-supporting through our own contributions. We do not have dues or fees, but we do have expenses.” During this trying time, it is especially important to support our local groups.

This list is provided as a courtesy service of Intergroup5. If your group is not listed, is part of the Intergroup5 service area, and can receive electronic donations, please send a message with donation information to [email protected]. Links on this page will take you away from the Intergroup5 website. Intergroup5 is not endorsing any specific group or payment site.

Please consider contributing online to 909 Central Group

Please consider donating to Tallahassee Young People’s Group (TYPG). TYPG uses Venmo for donations. Please contact a member of TYPG for the Venmo information. (Requires a smartphone and the Venmo app from the Apple App store or from the Google Play store)

To make a donation directly to CASA (Club Association of Sober Alcoholics), please visit their donation page here. Note: This donation will go directly to CASA-12 inc, not individual groups that meet at CASA.